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Advice on areas to relocate

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clairehills Tue 29-Sep-15 01:31:06

Hi. My husband and I work in Lincoln but looking to move to a leafy green suburb with a nice stock of houses. Ideally we are looking at 3 different counties (Linc, notts and Sheffield) but due to his love of the Peak District I was wondering if anyone could advise on ecclesial road area for cafe culture, nice shops, nice neighbourhoods etc ? Any help would be must appreciated. School catchments are not important at present. Thanks Claire

s42mum Thu 22-Oct-15 21:34:31

Ecclesall Road is lovely for all of the above. If I were looking to move nearer that bit of town I'd look at Hangingwater in particular Rustlings Road and the area between Endcliffe and Bingham Parks and Fulwood Road

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