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Best feeder nurseries in and around Westminster

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VAS2016 Mon 28-Sep-15 22:37:49


I'm a mum to be, due mid Jan with my first one. This whole experience is completely new and exciting to me.
I'm looking for suggestions on the best nurseries in and around the Westminster area and any guidance on registration, timing, etc.
Would be great if I could actually speak or meet up with any of the experienced mums or others in my situation.
Any help via a reply post would be great too!

Thank you!

mitamay Wed 30-Sep-15 10:53:40

Firstly, are you planning a state or private education?
If its state, there are loads of great nurseries in Westminster and state primary schools do not base admissions on previous nursery placements.

If you are going private, it's best to choose the pre-prep/prep school you want, based in location/stats (whatever is important to you). Many pre/prep schools will have their own nurseries and most will give some level of priority to the children from their own nurseries.

Once your little one has arrived, I'd suggest booking in a few open days/visits for the schools you like.
Oh and when you have decided, get them on the waiting list asap.

londonmum37 Wed 30-Sep-15 13:57:17

Eaton Square School has 4 nurseries around central London, all of which would give you priority when moving up to Eaton Square.

VAS2016 Thu 17-Nov-16 00:56:39

Thanks for your tips. I've been doing some hunting into private nurseries and have applied to Broadhurst, Strawberry Fields, Mulberry House, Miss Delaney's and Pippa Poppins. I have an offer from Mulberry House and only a week to accept it by paying the deposit shock. Reaching out to you experienced mums and dads to dig out any recommendations, advice or knowledge on these nurseries? Anyone's kids going to any of these places?

Solasum Thu 17-Nov-16 15:39:55

Those nurseries are scattered all across London! Where do you actually live? Pick whichever is closest.

VAS2016 Wed 30-Nov-16 04:25:31

We live close to Waterloo but willing to move to the area where DD can get the best education. My husband has to work at different sites and I will probably be working from home in a couple years time so location is based on what works for DD schools/nurseries.

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