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Tunbridge wells - school catchment advice

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Annieb12345 Mon 28-Sep-15 21:06:55

Hi everyone,

We're looking to move to tunbridge wells and really like the area between St. John's recreation ground and the main rd (culverden area?) however it's really hard to work out what primary school catchment these streets would fall into? Does anyone know?


NeverNic Mon 19-Oct-15 21:19:46

That's a seriously tricky area for catchment. Last year St John's school (90 places) was 0.36m (normally 0.29). The Wells Free School (24 places) was 0.13m and Bishops Down had 30 places and I believe you practically needed to live in the playground as almost all spaces go to siblings! The admissions office at each school will be able to give you information on sibling ratio and location if you call them. GL!

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