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Advice Needed - relocating to the area and have no idea of where to live!

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beelam123 Mon 28-Sep-15 14:37:44

We are relocating to the Southampton area within the next few months. I've never been down there at all and am a complete loss as to where I should start to look for schools and a place to live! I've got a boy (Y5) and a girl (Y2) and like everyone else I'd like to find a good, well rounded primary school in catchment for a good secondary (mmmm!!). Location-wise it just needs to be no more than 45 minutes from Hedge End. Ideally I don't want to be in southampton itself as small towns, or villages are what we're happiest in. Any and all advice gladly accepted !!

Jenijena Mon 28-Sep-15 14:49:22


45 minutes from Hedge End gives you a good spread, although the M27 is a bigger. I know the north/west side of the city better so a bit prejudiced but:

Generally Southampton schools, particularly the secondaries, do not have a good reputation. I've no idea how much of this is historic and how much is truth... People pay £££ to get into the Thornden catchment area, compared with similar properties nearby, but I believe Mountbatten School, Romsey School and The Kings School in Winchester are all good secondaries (although none in exactly cheap areas). Not sure about schools further towards Hedge End.

if you want to be in Southampton itself, there are nicer and not so nicer bits.

Depending on what you can afford, Romsey and Winchester are "naice" towns with associated prices. Chandlers Ford, North Baddesley, Hedge End all a bit surburban although have their charms. I believe Bursledon is cheaper. Netley/Hamble are by the coast but traffic up to the m27 can be a bugger.

Any other desirables?

It's a nice bit of the world. Mixture of coast and countryside, with city thrown into the mix and good transport (trains to London, ferries to France) to get you out too!

I don't know much about them but Botley and Wickham always seem nice places to drive through.

beelam123 Tue 29-Sep-15 16:25:54

Thanks Jenijena, we're coming down at half term to get to know the area a bit, so will start to look at primaries around some of the places you mention and hopefully will find one that has spaces !! From what I've looked at online its seems a lovely part of the country and I'm looking forward to it! New adventures!!!

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