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Secondary Schools I should avoid

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Eabhak Mon 28-Sep-15 13:25:11

Hi Everyone
In a previous thread I explained that I am moving to the Greater Manchester area next July 2016 due to my hubby's work, and my daughter who will then be 11 years will be going to secondary school, however we will be a late application and Trafford Council have stated that we may be given whatever school in the area is available. We are looking at Urmston, Hale, Sale, Altrincham areas is there any secondary schools in these areas that I should hope we do not get placed as I'm really anxious she gets placed as she has some minor needs
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

opalfire Tue 06-Oct-15 19:32:43

Hi Eabhak.

I can't comment on all of the areas but in Hale / Altrincham / Timperley there are lots of good secondary schools. If your DS passes the 11+ there is Alti Girls, Sale Grammar, Loretto. If not there is Wellington School, Knutsford High, North Cestrian, Altrincham College of Arts, or Ashton on Mersey. If you're Catholic there is also Blessed Thomas Holford. I can't think of any that are a definite no no.

mandy214 Sun 18-Oct-15 22:44:27

Just one point to add to opal's post. There is no 11+ in Trafford, there hasn't been for some years. Each of those schools opal mentions (Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Sale Grammar and Loreto) have their own entrance exams (although Alty and Sale was combined for the girls this year). Urmston Grammar has a separate entrance exam too. All have already happened for Sept 2016 entry.

None of the other schools is poor, they all have their own particular selling points (off the top of my head - Wellington seen as a real alternative for academic children, North Cestrian has a good reputation for pastoral care (small class sizes), Knutsford is a specialist school for drama). But certainly Wellington and North Cestrian have quite small catchment areas (Wellington is about 1.3 miles, North Cestrian is just WA14 and Wa15) so you need to visit the schools, see which you think is a good fit for your daughter then move close by.

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