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Soft Play Cafe York City Centre

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SamanthaLea Mon 28-Sep-15 10:50:01

My name is Sam and I live in York with my husband and 3 kids, 14,12, and 1. I have worked with children in one way or another for 24 years. I was a nanny, nursery school teacher, full time mum and then a head teacher of a large nursery in London.

Since moving to York and having my baby I have been amazed at the variety of activities available for children and families. However there is one thing that I think is missing. York is a place well known for its vast array of coffee shops, and very good ones at that! You cannot walk round the corner without another fantastic place to go and enjoy good coffee and delicious treats…. unless you have a buggy, changing bag and a small, noisy and unpredictable child accompanying you! Then the thought of a small quiet café fills you with horror! Of course they all try to be as accommodating as possible but I think there is a need for somewhere central in York to take your little ones where you as a parent can relax, enjoy good food and coffee and where your child can also have yummy healthy food and lots and lots of fun!

Please complete the questionnaire to help me make my soft play café the best it can be. You will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 Mothercare vouchers.

Thanks, Sam x

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