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Hirst Wood area- any thoughts?

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rumred Tue 22-Sep-15 15:58:30

I currently live in manningham and want to be in Saltaire, but the lack of gardens is a deterrent. I've seen a lovely ex council house in hirst wood but am concerned the area is rough/less diverse than Saltaire. And the houses aren't full of character unlike the Saltaire ones. Has anyone got a view about hirst wood?

surpriseitsme Sat 26-Sep-15 23:06:09

It's not too bad it's a little rough and ready if you know what I mean? Have you considered Baildon?

rumred Sun 27-Sep-15 12:38:16

Thanks for your response surpriseitsme. I've looked at houses around Saltaire, including baildon, which is an area I like, but the added commute is an issue. And most of my social life is in Saltaire/Shipley. Yes hirst wood definitely looks a little rough but compared to where I've been for the last 25 years it's positively posh. I think it's the right place for me at this moment, but probably not for life.

AmandaE13 Mon 28-Sep-15 11:40:22

I have thought the same, I love Saltaire but the garden space is an issue although the park is amazing. Have you thought about Cottingley or Saltaire side of Bingley?

rumred Mon 28-Sep-15 19:22:28

Oh I've looked into many many areas but most of the people I know and activities I do are Saltaire/ Shipley and I'm single so I need to be careful not to be isolated. And I like Saltaire, always have. Just a shame about the lack of outdoor space.

Where do you live amanda?

AmandaE13 Tue 29-Sep-15 09:46:25

I'm in Crossflatts, just the other side of Bingley. We do venture into Saltaire quiet a bit when the weather is good as we love Roberts park and all the boutique shops.

How are you are little one(s)? I know they have good schools in Saltaire too which doesn't help with prices but are a great plus! I would imagine Hirst Wood would potentially get you into some of them too.

rumred Tue 29-Sep-15 11:39:46

No little ones but I know from friends and ex's children that Saltaire primary is good. And hirst wood too, had contact with them through work. So good for parents here definitely.

Hirst wood has less character than Saltaire but gardens and space are their big plus points.

I don't know cross flatts but have friends in East morton and that's lovely. The big bonus of Bradford district has got to be the green spaces, they're abundant

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