Bassett Green Primary school

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TheodoreBuckland Tue 15-Sep-15 21:35:00

Hello, I'm a first time poster so be nice to me please smile.
I'm many months into the process of trying to move to Southampton and I was hoping you fine people might be able to give some advice on a specific school.
The latest house to have caught our eye seems to offer so much of what we want, but when I look into primary schools it is only in the catchment area for Bassett Green, despite being closer to Highfield CofE. I've got friends who used to live in the area and they didnt give me the best impression about Bassett Green, and while I know it's got a Good rating in it's last Ofsted report I'm a little nervous... Do any of you have recent experience of the school and the people who go there?
I'm keen that my daughter gets exposure to a wide range of backgrounds, and I know Bassett has a reputation for being monied but then you've got the Flower Estate (friends who went to Uni in Southampton flagged as somewhere to avoid) so I want to understand if the school is a mix of the two or more predominantly the latter?

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shirleybanister Thu 04-Oct-18 11:30:17

Has anyone used the Southampton Common Play Area recently? If so what do you think of it? Also, How long have the 3 water pumps been out of action for?

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