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Moving to Roundhay from London - advice needed!!

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Minchermomm Mon 14-Sep-15 14:16:07

Hi there -My husband and 2 girls (3 and 1) are relocating to Roundhay from London. We have visited a few times to get a feel for the area and to look at a number houses - And now I feel a bit lost, as from my limited knowledge it seems the best place to be to meet fellow moms and friends for my two will be nr the street lane area, and yet to be in catchment for roundhay, you need to be the other side of roundhay. We have found a great house in the elmete area, but it feels like its more of an eldery area?? less going on? would really appreciate any thoughts and experiences. I hear that Allerton Grange is on the up? Thank you

whatsthatcomingoverthehill Wed 16-Sep-15 16:49:38

Are you thinking Roundhay for secondary school?

Oliveisme Thu 17-Sep-15 12:36:20

Hello Minchermomm, welcome to Leeds! Roundhay is lovely and in the Elmetes you're very close to Oakwood which is a great place to go and meet for coffee etc. There is a play group at Oakwood Church (Springwood Road), you'll have to contact them for the days etc It's been a while since we went but when we first moved to Leeds (15 years ago!!) it was a great place to meet other mums. I don't know much about Allerton Grange but you could ask around at the play group. Good luck! x

Minchermomm Thu 17-Sep-15 13:18:33

Thank you both for your replies! very much appreciated. Whatsthatcomingoverthehill - we are planning on staying in the house for a long time - whilst my two haven't started primary yet (the eldest is 3) I don't want to be in a position where we have to move because of a failing secondary school... so keen to factor that into the equation. But equally, I don't have any friends/ know anyone in the area (bar family) so want to give ourselves the best shot of settling and making friends locally X

ooerrmissus Mon 21-Sep-15 14:26:59

Hi, When it comes to Roundhay (high) school, you need to be aware that the catchment area is getting smaller- there have been huge problems with not enough primary school places in the area last September, plus they have now got 'all through' pupils which will be transferring to the high school in a few years. There are no plans at present So houses that are currently in catchment may well not be in a few years time.
I hear that Allerton Grange is on the up, but can't comment further than that.
In terms of family areas though yes the Oakwood side is pretty friendly, lots going on at Oakwood Church as pp said- Brownies and Scouts and whatnot for future years! Also St Andrews Church on Lidgett Lane has a lot of groups.

ooerrmissus Mon 21-Sep-15 14:27:32

sorry that should read 'plans to expand at presnt'

Minchermomm Tue 22-Sep-15 10:22:57

thank you ooerrmissus (hope i spelt that right!) that's really helpful X

TelferscotMum Tue 22-Sep-15 10:38:11

I clicked on this not having read the title correctly. I did this in reverse...was brought up in Roundhay and now live in London. It was a great place to grow up. I'm 44 now, but know all those places. I went to Guides at St Andrews and had friends who went to Roundhay and Allerton Grange. I went to LGHS then in Headingly.

We lived on both sides of Street Lane. And in those bad old days you'd often see Jimmy Savile jogging about. Other than that I have v positive if dated memories. Good luck with the move!

LeedsMummy Sat 31-Oct-15 22:33:02

I live in Roundhay too. We are in catchment for Allerton Grange - my niece goes there. Not hearing great things at the minute but given how much the catchment for Roundhay is changing, I think the picture could be radically different in five years time. Plus there aren't enough places for the number of kids currently in reception once they get to secondary, so who knows what extra provision will be available - a new primary is opening next year.
Good luck!

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