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LucianaVega Sat 12-Sep-15 16:38:19

We've seen a house near Bettyhill and I was wondering what the local primary and secondary schools were like?

Also how long a drive to the nearest airport? My husband has to live under two hours away from a main airport. Thank you for your kind help.

OnelegShortlegTwolegs Sun 27-Dec-15 14:56:48

Hi, I used to work up in Bettyhill regularly. I taught swimming at the pool and trained staff. The kids from Farr Primary school were excellent to work with. As I have worked with lots of kids from lots of schools that is usually a good sign!
As far as I know the nearest secondary school is in Thurso which is 45mins away, mind you it might be in Wick. I know it was always Thurso I travelled from as the larger of the two towns, supposedly.
It is a lovely part of the country though. I see your post is from september Did you take the plunge and move?
The nearest airport is in Wick.
The Bettyhill hotel that I used to stay in has gone very posh now.

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