Anyone know a good tutor for Hampton School please?

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Rugbyscrum Fri 11-Sep-15 13:47:26

Looking for a maths tutor for the Hampton school pretest, for this term, who can ideally come to our house. Any recommendations or advice?

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bookwormA1 Sat 12-Sep-15 00:17:43

Hi there
I'm a local tutor and used to work at Hampton for many years. I have lots of experience and get great results, and I am looking to tutor two more students this year. Obviously I specialise in Hampton exams but coach for all Entrance exams and do interview technique. Snag is I can only offer English and Verbal Reasoning! For Maths, I would recommend Bright Young Things. I'm based in Hampton and can travel locally, although most children pop over to my house for the lessons and mum takes an hour or two off! I'm fully CRB checked and have just had the disclosure barring service checker re done. feel free to message me if interested or if you have other questions.

Rugbyscrum Sat 12-Sep-15 13:12:39

What is Bright Young Things? Assuming it's some sort of maths workbook but not heard of it before.

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bookwormA1 Sat 12-Sep-15 18:01:14

Hi, they are a sort of tuition firm but they focus in centres. Obviously, I'm really biased and would say that the one to one 'at home' local tuition is best, especially for English and Verbal Reasoning in the Hampton area! But you could certainly try them for Maths

Emilie1 Sun 14-May-17 21:47:14

Good evening,

I am looking for an English tutor for Hampton School. Would you have some availability?

We live in Hampton.

Best wishes,


Mumchumof2 Fri 05-Jul-19 10:15:39

Hi @bookwormA1 are you still tutoring?? X

54tty123 Tue 30-Jul-19 11:33:16

Hi @bookwormA1 are you still tutoring?

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