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Where is the best location for Royal Berkshire Hospital and London commutes?

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Tara1974 Wed 19-Aug-15 20:05:27

I am planning to relocate to Berkshire next year but I don't know the area at all. I will be working at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and my partner will be working in Covent Garden, London. I would be grateful for any suggestions of where to look for a house, close to a train station for my partner and a not too terrible drive to the hospital for me. Somewhere with a village-y feel would be ideal...and good schools of course!

AbbieRuin Thu 20-Aug-15 13:31:14

Driving to the RBH is pretty horrible from any direction - if you're looking at somewhere with a decent train service to London, there will also be a decent train service in the other direction, to Reading, so that might be an option to consider as well.

Anywhere along the train lines, to Paddington or Waterloo, should be reasonable. Depends on your budget too, of course. I'm in Reading itself so couldn't recommend any particular areas.

puppy123 Wed 02-Sep-15 18:14:33

Maidenhead or Twyford would work well, quick trains to Paddington and Reading and it's a manageable walk or frequent bus from Reading station to RBH.

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