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Lonely stay at home mum

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Samw1234 Wed 19-Aug-15 12:34:33

Hi everyone,
I am new to mumsnet. I have a 1 year old son and I am at home with him everyday. I g et very lonely and miss adult company. I dont have many friends and none at all have babies. Would love to get in touch with like minded people!

Hope to here from some of you lovely mum's soon.

SAM XX smile

Mamailoveyou Sat 29-Aug-15 23:13:12

Hi there
try some of your local mums and tots. Not all supper but you will meet other mums. HV should be able to advise. Also try your local library - think they nearly all have rhyme time weekly. YOu will click with someone somewhere, don't give up if you don't like the first one you just try somewhere else trying. good luck - you can do it"!

ggmcr93 Mon 31-Aug-15 19:13:23

hello sam!

I am also new to mumsnet and I am also in a similar situation to you, except my baby girl is 7 months.

I am going to the mums and tots group at woodlands church next Tuesday, would be lovely if you came, and I'm sure you would meet lots of other mommys whom are in a similar situation to yourself.

feel free to get in touch!

lots of love, Georgie x

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