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Relocating to northampton

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lisa2104 Tue 18-Aug-15 21:50:15

Myself, my partner and our 2 year old are looking to relocate back to the Midlands. Northampton looks like a good bet as my partner can work there and it's between London and where we are originally from. I don't know where to start the search. We are looking to rent but want to try and save some money so don't want to pay a fortune. We also need an area with good primary schools. Please could someone give me some advice on nice areas with decent schools? Thanks x

Nokidsnellie Wed 19-Aug-15 07:00:32

Me and the OH are doing the same thing! We've spent quite a while checking out areas, and decided on Raunds / Stanwick / Higham Ferrers areas. They seem the nicest we have seen - we lived in Berkhamsted, Herts which is v posh but couldn't afford to buy there.
Worth a look around that area for affordability within decent area.

donna4360 Wed 19-Aug-15 08:35:53

Stay away from the eastern district, houses are cheap in rent but the area itself is not the best.

bromblewood Mon 05-Oct-15 14:57:42

Geddington, Brigstock, Hanging Houghton all lovely

Specktech Fri 22-Jan-16 16:36:35

If you're going to live in the town then the Abington, Westone, Weston Favell areas are good for primary schools. Plus the nearer you are to the exceptional Abington Park the better!

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