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Childcare recommendations South Belfast

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cazza626 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:59:01

I am going back to work in November and am looking at my childcare options. I live in the south Belfast area. I have been mainly looking at nurseries and hope to go visit some over the next couple of week. Does anyone have any recommendations in South Belfast area to help in my search??

BelfastLocalEditor Thu 06-Aug-15 18:27:25

Bumping this for you Cazza... can anyone help?

Also, I'll pop this on our Facebook page to see if anyone can offer recommendations... good luck!

Glitterwips Thu 06-Aug-15 18:31:46

We used Rascals on Ulsterville Ave and were very happy with it. Friends have used over the rainbow and like it too.

cazza626 Fri 07-Aug-15 21:38:34

Thanks local editor and thanks Glitterwips. Had arranged to go see Rascals next week smile

iloveitalia Sun 09-Aug-15 21:44:33

Would also recommend Buddies, it's near the House of Sport. We are very happy with it.

AppletreeDaycare Mon 10-Aug-15 13:19:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

supermum2015 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:30:14

hi cazza

i recently attended the Appletree open day and was blown away by how spacious it was i brought along my daughter and she had a ball playing with soft toys.everything was at her level and easy to reach i spoke to the owner on the day and she was more than helpful and gave me a price list which is more than reasonable giving the lay out and room structure and day plan

i hope this helps it was incredibly easy to find and i will definitely be sending my daughter here in sept when i go back to work sad

cazza626 Fri 14-Aug-15 22:36:35

Thanks supermum, it sounds great! Will defo check it out ��

Karennza Tue 06-Oct-15 16:37:59

Hi Cazza

My son (22 months) is at Wee Care on Windsor Avenue North, and has been there since the start of February. He loves it. The staff are friendly and helpful. They offer a settle-in period for free and have all ages - from about 12 weeks up to and including primary school (in after school clubs) - attending. They teach the pre-schoolers French, which I loved.

Hope you find something that works for you!

All the best

Karen x

Nyancat08 Wed 07-Oct-15 07:40:14

My little girl went to little hands little feet for nearly 3 years and I couldn't recommend it highly enough, the staff were fantastic and the space for playing was brilliant!

jmac77 Mon 19-Oct-15 16:27:52

Hi Could anyone give me an idea of the daily rate for nursery places in south Belfast? I am looking for somewhere near the city hospital. thanks

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