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Moving to the Forest of Dean

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carlyhemsworth Mon 27-Jul-15 15:27:54

Hi We are looking at moving to the Forest of Dean. We have looked at houses in Coleford, Ruardean, Lydbrook, etc and was just wondering if anyone had any advice on areas? We have a young family so would want somewhere where we can meet other young families. We have heard that it is hard to meet people in this area as they don't welcome newbies ( I am unsure of how true this is as I have heard it many times before).

Dexy7655 Wed 07-Oct-15 22:44:44

I've generally found it friendly here, and thete seem to be lots of young kids everywhere! If you're taking kids to primary school, walking the same route as neighbours is soon very sociable. But important to check out the secondaries I would say, they are somewhat mixed.

Also, think about public transport access unless you want to drive (you and your kids) absolutely everywhere. We're in a friendly village (not one you've mentioned) in a lovely location, but the transport is dire - which puts us on permanent taxi duty.

Parts of lydbrook can get a bit gloomy in winter. Ruardean is pretty exposed but you get some spectacular views. Drybrook seems nice, has more of a 'centre' and the nearest secondary is one of the better ones I believe.

Lots of groups and organisations to help you make friends too - brass bands if you are musical, rugby and football if you're sporty, lots of green and cultural stuff too. And of course the forest itself is just fabulous, especially for walking, biking and nature. The freedom to roam anywhere makes it a really special place, especially to grow up in.

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