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moving to earls colne

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mummyhannah Sun 26-Jul-15 14:46:59

Hi everyone - I'm looking for mums who live in the Earls Colne area. We are looking at a house to buy in White Colne and would love to know more about the place. We have two children - 3 and 1 - and it would be great to know what kind of social activities are in the area. We've moved a lot recently and we really want to make a new home and local friends. Is anyone out there into tennis or sailing, or other water sports? What do you do with your kids at the weekend? Hopefully they will be going to Earls Colne primary, which should have a good network of families. Any tips would be welcomed! Thanks x

Cblush Tue 11-Aug-15 12:54:49

Hi Hannah

Not sure where you are moving from but White Colne is lovely and really convenient for Halstead, Maldon or Colchester

Near Colchester is Dedham and you can go boating on the river, you can also visit Mill Race nursery in Aldham - 5 mins away from White Colne for boating.

In Eight Ash Green there is a free annual festival for the family in July

I am not too keyed up watersports but nearby you can also visit Thomas the Tank engine at the station

I am sure you will love the area !

Rae xx

Mrsdish Sun 16-Aug-15 19:59:40

How are you settling in?
We moved to Essex at Christmas and we're just about starting to feel our way around now! People are really friendly!
Can't recommend any watery places, we've only managed frinton a few times and colchester swimming pool!
Cheeky monkeys have a nursery at earls colne, they're brilliant!

Good luck with it all! X x x x

whitecolnemum2015 Thu 22-Oct-15 08:29:07

Hi MrsDish! Sorry for the delayed response - we have been very busy trying to sort the move (I've changed my mumsnet name by the way - I used to be mummyhannahsmile )... we are definitely moving now. and should be in my the start of December. Lots to organise! I'm currently looking for a great nanny as I'll be working FT from January. But would love to meet any locals mums too! X

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