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HELP! Afterschool childminder for two children - Ely

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Mammy22b Sat 25-Jul-15 12:36:49

I'm really struggling to find childcare for my two boys in the Ely area. I'm in desperate need of someone who can collect them from school two days a week - term time only.
I've worked my way through most of the childcare directory for Ely and Caerau and so far had no luck. (Too full, don't collect from their school, time clashes with a different school pick up, room for one but not the other...).
I'm waiting to hear from another one on Monday and I can search outside the area, fairwater/ llandaff/ canton because It would be fairly easy for me to collect them from those areas on my way home but I doubt they'll be able to collect from Ely and otherwise i'm stuck.
Does anyone know of a registered child-minder who can collect from a school in Ely?

Their school doesn't even have an afterschool club so i'm really in a pickle.

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