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Moving to Lincolnshire

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elainebd Mon 20-Jul-15 14:32:56

Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me. We are thinking of moving to the Lincolnshire area as soon as our house sells here in Scotland Could anyone advise us about nice places to live and which ones to avoid? Thanks in advance


sammysoo Wed 05-Aug-15 10:10:09

I would heartily recommend Lincoln and a village like Nettleham would give you all that you need. A choice of grammar or excellent comps. Fab primary schools and cheap (in comparison to other areas) housing. It has a selection of shops and still a short hop to the city which has all that a small city offers inc history and gorgeousness but without big city issues.
I also think Bottesford is great again, access to grammar schools, trainable and well connected to london but is actually leicestershire. A good community village.
If you have children do not go into a small unserviced village -you will have issues constantly ferrying them around.
I can suggest other areas but tell me what your circumstances are and i will suggest other areas. Try to keep clear of north lincs. Some nice areas but near Grimsby etc it's grim, I think.

fendweller Sun 09-Aug-15 18:57:31

it does depend on what sort of lifestyle you want. I live rurally and as SammySoo says this means lots of travelling to ferry the kids about, but this is something I don't mind. It's a big consideration as public transport is really hit and miss in the county, especially the more rural you go.

I don't mind not living near the city (it's about an hour''s drive for me to Lincoln) or near a major train station, but if you want to be near the city and maybe have access to decent train journeys to bigger cities, that will have a bearing on what places to look at.

elainebd Sun 09-Aug-15 20:55:40

Thank you for your replies..


abbiemartin3 Tue 11-Aug-15 13:22:06

We currently live in Cranwell due to hubbys work and there are lots of lovely little villages within reasonable distance to Lincoln which we are looking into as we too are buying a house. Try looking at Navenby, Branston, washingborough, metheringham, ruskington and sleaford.

Also look at Woodhall Spa which is a bit more pricey but has won lots of village awards and has lots of lovely eateries etc. Horncastle seems to be between lincoln and the coast and has plenty of shops and A LOT of antique stores.

My parents live on lincolnshire coast which is about an hour drive from Lincoln and for me there is a complete lack of shopping and amenities. Also the coastal villages are driven by summer tourism and you may find that during the winter/cooler months a lot of shops/amenities close for that period.

fendweller Tue 11-Aug-15 20:39:09

Do you know where your work will be based?

As Abbie says the cliff villages (navenby etc) are worth looking at. We lived in Boothby Graffoe for a while which is next to Navenby. It's a pretty good drive to Newark too for the East Coast Mainline trains. (my husband commuted to London from there).

Good points about coastal areas too. I lived and worked in Skegness for 10 years - it's heaving in the summer and lacking in stuff to do in the Winter.

If i was to move tomorrow I'd personally go for Louth as it has so many fab shops and a real sense of community.

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