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moving to bedford, looking for childminder/summer holidays club

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cheesecake82 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:03:03

Dear Bedford mums

We are moving to Bedford from London, have two kids 7 and 2 years old. My 7 year old son got a place in Hill's academy (although its not our first preference) how is this school? I am going to work full time but the breakfast and after school clubs are starting from 8 in the morning and finished at 5:30 in the evening respectively which would be quite tight for me. So I was wondering if anybody knows professional childminder who can pick my son from school and keep him until 6/630pm until either my husband or I will come back from work to pick him up.Any alternate options or advice is more than welcome. For my 2 year old daughter, I saw Lavender and Ariosto tots nurseries (which are going to be near to my place) any feedback or recommendation, which one is better or any other good options.


cheesecake82 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:04:56

In addition, I forgot to mention about summer holidays also looking for that for my son.....any good??

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