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Life in Henley on Thames and Twyford

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mrsbarron Fri 10-Jul-15 18:18:40

Hello everyone,
My husband and I currently live in France. Due to our work (we manage a private villa) we will be moving to the UK soon. Our employer owns a property on the road between Henley and Wargrave and this is where we will be commuting to. We are in our 30s and planning on having children in the near future, we like being able to walk in to town, socialise and have amenities close by.
Henley sounds like the best location with all its surrounding beauty, shops, restaurants/bars etc (aside from the regatta week), but the property prices/rent are making us think that we should live elsewhere as we can get more for our money (around 1500£pm).This is why we thought that maybe Twyford could be an option - how do these two places compare?
Thanks for your help!

Danadeena Thu 21-Sep-17 10:41:16

Facing the same hard choice now.. wondering how it went with you? Having twing girls year 3. Living in Henley or twyford, bearing in mind schools and houses? Tia xx

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