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burntwood or lichfield

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jingle92 Thu 09-Jul-15 18:39:24

ive just decided to leave work as i was finding it difficult with childcare and working and have a very active two year old ! just wanted to know the best place for us to go so we can both make new friends and socialize smile thanks

Grumpysfirstwife Thu 30-Jun-16 19:50:37

Lichfield is very expensive to live but does have lots of things on across the whole city. You would probably need to drive to all the different groups.

Burntwood is smaller and cheaper to live with some very good parent groups. They do seem to be more active in Burntwood from what I've seen and the swimming is better in Burntwood too.

Are you already in the area or moving to the area? If you haven't been before you really need to visit to get the best experience.

Grumpysfirstwife Thu 30-Jun-16 19:54:44

Just ignore me posting on a zombie thread, I've had a stressful day blush

SamanthaP1 Wed 16-Aug-17 15:26:13

We moved to Lichfield about a year ago, I agree it is much more expensive to move here but well worth it. Lots to do and everything is so close you don't have to drive everywhere. You always end up bumping into newly made friends in town which is lovely xx

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