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Considering Moving to West Wittering..will I go nuts?

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Bigbirds Mon 06-Jul-15 11:54:46

Seriously considering a move to WW from North London, with 3 primary aged children. Have spent a lot of lovely time there but just on holiday. I like what I've seen of Chichester and the beautiful South Downs, so can imagine it working, just need reassurance! It should be fine in terms of work (self-employed) and housing. As for schooling, well, banking on the new Free School but realise this is risky given the admissions policy. We are not Catholic, so it might be our only alternative is private, though I'd rather not for all kinds of reasons. Is it easy to meet people in Chichester- Guardian-readers, to put it crudely? Is there anyone out there who has done this move or has any experience that might be useful? Any advice greatly appreciated, many thanks

LocalEditorWestSussex Mon 06-Jul-15 20:37:02

Hello Bigbirds
Oh I am jealous - you will love WW. Chichester is fantastic. There are tons of ways to meet parents there and plenty of like minded people. The shopping is good, restaurants and galleries good and there is a cool vibe as well. I moved to Sussex 5 years ago and have lived in Hove, Worthing, Steyning and now Shoreham. Chichester is a relatively new place for me and I love it, the Whitterings is just gorgeous and very chilled. Join the sailing club in Emsworth... it'll all be prosecco and Guardian reading on a saturday there.

Bigbirds Tue 07-Jul-15 09:54:54

Thankyou, all very encouraging. I also like the sound of the places you have lived/ now live! I guess I'd be hoping for some degree of the arty Brighton scene, but realise this sounds a bit bratty! Is there anyone out there with any Chichester school advice or experience for both primary and secondary? Like I said, the Chichester Free School is the nearest to the Witterings but I see that intake is not based on distance unfortunately..thank you, advice much appreciated

LocalEditorWestSussex Fri 10-Jul-15 19:11:12

You will get some of the arty Brighton scene there for sure - also check out the Pallant gallery - some great stuff on there for kids and adults - really good

Tiredbutwired2 Sat 09-Sep-17 20:23:30

Just reading this post from some time ago and wondering if Bigbirds made the move to WW. I too am trying to decide if this is the right move for my family. I am wondering what people's experiences are of primary schools in west wittering and Birdham. thx

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