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Any advice re Terrington Hall school?

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NixyMum Wed 01-Jul-15 19:32:12

Hello, we are excited to be moving to the York area in a few months' time due to DH's new job, but are now worrying about schools. DS is 9 and DD is 6. I've been put off St Olave's and Bootham (the senior school anyway) by the fact they have Saturday school. Weekends are for family time and down time in my book. So I am looking at Terrington Hall which is actually pretty close to DH's new job. Does anyone have any recent experience of this school? And any recommendations for any others on that side of York please? Thank you!

Daddycoolx3 Sat 01-Aug-15 15:16:07

Hi I have children at Terrington can highly recommend it however it does have sat school. Schools in the area that don't do sat am are the mount school in York, the Minster school York. Not many I'm afraid. Terringtons sat school is compulsory from year 5 (10 years). I was worried about it too but mine love school so much that it's never an issue and in fact they regularly do the odd night of boarding as the activity evenings are so fun. Plus the holidays are very long so you still get plenty of family time 9 weeks this summer!

TheRealMBJ Sun 02-Aug-15 16:37:09

Hi There.

We are moving back to Malton (previously slightly further north) this month and we looked seriously at both The Minster School and Terrington for DC. DH attended St Peter's but I'm not really into the idea of feeder schools and wanted a proper independent prep. DBIL played rugby with the new head at Terrington when they were both at Peter's.

We decided to go with The Minster School, partly because of the Saturday school thing and partly just because we felt more of a connection with The Minster (we are not religious and although the school's ethos is Christian, it caters well for those of other religions - or none).

I would highly recommend that you visit the schools to decide which you prefer. They are all very welcoming to prospective parents.

NessaYork Mon 24-Aug-15 08:34:52

My children loved their time at Terrington, and as a proper independent prep school it does what it says on the tin. Terrington students tends to fit in well in their respective senior schools, and - what I really like about it - the children themselves are decent, likeable people. But, yes, there is Saturday school and, often, matches.
Only The Mount (girls only) and Minster (co-ed) are without Saturday school. TH has compulsory Saturdays from Year 5 onwards.
Like Terrington, The Mount offers school bus services, which are a godsend to parents avoiding muddy country roads or York peak-hour traffic. Do contact and visit the schools, as it is the best way to get a proper feel for where your DCs will thrive the most. Best of luck!

Surrealistrhinoceros Mon 24-Aug-15 08:44:59

Are you definitely set on independent prep? No judgement of choices (ex independent school here, and looking at Bootham senior for DS1) but there is a wise choice of fantastic state primaries (and secondaries) in York.

Terrington is also a way out of York itself so you'd be committing to living in the villages or to a long school run. Or to putting them on a bus by the sound of pps.

If I wanted independent and had to compromise on Saturday school then then in your shoes Id choose Bootham Junior like a shot. But you need to look seriously for yourself - will depend on your personal preferences!

Surrealistrhinoceros Mon 24-Aug-15 08:45:51

Sorry proof read failure. A wide (and perhaps also wise!) choice of state primaries!

equestryone Mon 24-Aug-15 09:43:40

I have a son at TH currently in year 5 and one who went all the way through from reception to year 8. I think schools are very individual choices and need to suit the family aswell as the child. Terrington Hall is very flexible and if the Saturday school is the only thing that is putting you off then my advice would be to take a look. You may find there is some movement on the Saturday morning commitment but far more likely, as the other Mum has said, you will probably find that it is such great fun the children will love it and you will love to see them so happily engaged. And the holidays are very long....! Good luck with your choice.

laundrybasket Mon 24-Aug-15 10:21:53

I have had 3 children go through TH 2 now happily at St Peters - no3 still there. TH has great feel, kids all appear happy, polite, engaging and confident. My DD is an excellent example of how the school works. Started out in preprep quiet and shy, blossomed over the years performing instrumental solos, playing in the sports team and left a vibrant bubbly confident 13 year old. Now at St. Peter's made the transition very well has lots of friends both from TH and other schools.
Saturday school is not as big a deal as you might think, most ind schools do sport on Saturdays and TH does but the Saturday matches tend to be very socialable occasions where parents are very friendly and you make lots of lovely new friends.
Good luck and do take a look

Surrealistrhinoceros Mon 24-Aug-15 10:22:25

Just a thought - my friends' four have been to the village school in Sheriff Hutton (village York side of Terrington) , then on to Bootham. Very happy with that combination.

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