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Safari Cafe at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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Moomands Sun 28-Jun-15 13:02:33

Sorry to post here, please feel free to remove if not allowed but I felt it important that parents be aware if they go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and go in the Safari cafe, they will refuse to provide you with hot water in order to make up your babies bottle or to warm up the bottle. This happened to me today - considering the heat and the fact that the cafe is after you leave the paid section of the park it was a little bit of an issue and I nearly ended up being unable to feed my daughter. They even refused to sell me a tea with the teabag on the side as it was clear I was planning to use it to make a bottle, a bit disgusting considering its located at a children's attraction, you think it would be a little more baby friendly!! Just wanted to try and make sure all mum's and dad's are aware so they do not get caught out in the same way, in this heat dehydration could have been a serious issue!!

[Please note: Thread title edited slightly by MNHQ]

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