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Relocating to the Wirral

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noodles36 Sun 14-Jun-15 13:49:18

Hi All,

I've recently registered on this site in hope of a) gaining much needed advice, b) making new friends in the process.

I am a single mum to my 10 (soon to be 11) year old daughter, we are currently based in the West Midlands, however due to employment will be relocating to the Wirral in July. I am originally from the Wirral however have not lived there since I was 18, having traveled with my job all over the country. This is a permanent move for the foreseeable future (min 8 years). I have family that still live on the Wirral but they are very much, no disrespect meant here, small minded in the sense that they don't travel far.. a 15 minute journey to go shopping is the furthest they go! so advice I have received from them so far as to areas has been very compact! (up the road have a house for rent!) As much as I love them and appreciate their input I am not adverse to commuting! I would like to hear your opinions of where the nice areas are these days, with good locality to schools, shops, amenities,,, I would love to live by the beach and so would my daughter. My work is located in the Bromborough area, but as mentioned earlier I am willing to travel.
Our situation is quite unique at the moment as initially we will move in with my parents (due to the timing of the start date) which means that I will need a primary school and a secondary school for September, obviously the problem with this is that if I use my parents address my options for schools could be quite limited and possibly restricted to that area, I am hoping that we will be able to move into the area that we want by the end of August, has anyone on here had a similar situation? if so how did you approach this with the LA schools admissions? Any help, guidance, advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


Hollerback Mon 15-Jun-15 22:53:12

RE schools, are you aware that Wirral has grammar schools as well as regular high schools? If you want your daughter to be considered for the grammars she will need to take the 11 Plus. There's details about registering for and taking the 11 Plus on the council's website.

Re areas to live, I much prefer the "West" side of the Wirral, West Kirby is my favourite but it's all good! The beaches on the West side are by far the nicest too. I'd also try and live near a station so you and your daughter can get the train into Liverpool easily.

Good luck with your move!

Lovethatlabours Wed 26-Apr-17 10:58:48

Hi I'm also wanting to relocate to the Wirral with in the next 5 months!! Crazy I know! Ready for my 3 boys to start in September I need a location that has a preschool/nursery for my 3 year old a junior/primary school for my 9 year old and my eldest will be starting secondary I would ideally like the schools to be outstanding offsted but not grammar as I think would be to much pressure for my boys, ideally need the preschool and juniors to be within walking distance and same for secondary but don't mind him getting a school bus after much research I am struggling to find anywhere as I also don't drive I would like a lot on my doorstep with good transport links to Liverpool and as close to a good beach as possible, I love the sound of west Kirby but can't seem to find all the schools I need and is a little pricey also bit from Liverpool iv been looking at oxton, Wallasey but again can't find all the schools not to sure what in the local areas and what the nearest beach is like any info would be very much appreciated

millymae Thu 27-Apr-17 17:48:17

My suggestion is that you have a look at New Brighton. It has undergone a transformation in recent years. It has a beach, and there is a direct bus and a direct train to Liverpool. House prices are cheaper than West Kirby, which would definitely be my choice if I could afford to move there.
LovethatLabours I live in Neston, so my knowledge of schools in Wirral is not up to much, but I can vouch for Neston High as a secondary school, there are at least a couple of excellent primary schools plus nurseries. Sadly Neston doesn't have a beach and is further a way from Liverpool, but closer to Chester but both are accessible by public transport. My next door neighbour commutes to Liverpool on the bus so it is certainly possible but travel time is over an hour so it certainly adds to the length of the working day.

Lovethatlabours Sat 29-Apr-17 23:41:50

Hi Millmae smile
Thank you for your reply I wasn't expecting anyone to respond really so appreciate it!
I will defo have a look into new Brighton. me and the Oh and boys have literally just arrived Home after going to look round the Wirral I know a lot of the good areas now more or less but it's still a boggle! So I'm willing to be open minded about new Brighton even tho I have heard a few bad things but this is true for most of the Wirral with people having mixed reviews on certain areas! Also look into Neston too will let you know how I get on.

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