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NoOrdinarylife; needs Help

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Boondog Mon 08-Jun-15 14:02:47

I'm undertaking a project to start recording interviews face to face with parents , carers, professionals or disabled persons who look after disabled individuals.

My objective is capture the journey of these individuals in terms of the transition and impact its had on their lives and how there lives, values and beliefs may change, but more over to serve as an inspiration to other families or individuals who are on their own journey, to inform, inspire and educate. These interviews will be available across most modern media platforms, but most notably YouTube.

I'm not really going make any money from this, its not going to make me rich or bring be wealth beyond my wildest dreams; but it is going to give and add value to others who watch, to either inform, or understand their own value in their support and care given, but to also say that each overcomes issues and challenges and in doing say makes these people incredibly strong despite not realising it. Every journey is unique and I want to capture these journeys to say nothing is insurmountable and every disabled individual is a remarkable individual; despite whatever challenges they or their carers face.

This really is a passion of mine and I'm determined to see it through in what way is feasible; however I face a few challenges and I'm going to list them here to see if you can help?

I have done three interviews for a side project I'm doing and they were really powerful; however the setting and delivery wasn't quite right. I used Google hangouts. On two occasions Google dropped the ball and lost part of the interview's. Which for me undermined my confidence in using hangouts going forwards and doesn't build confidence as I try to establish this project. Happy to share these to interested parties as they are published already.

I would prefer face to face setting given issues above but these are my issues:

1. Finding these individuals: who are willing to be interviewed and share their stories? I will share that at some point I have "grand ambitions" of interviewing celebrities to share their journey's and inspire, as these are real people facing real challenges despite the glitz and glamour; and they too have needed to overcome the same challenges as non-famous personalities. Anyway as i said that's ambitious and not for now.

If you or someone you know wants to be on camera talking about your journey, being open, honest and being able to just be yourself, no glitz, no glam - just honest. Then please feel free to contact me.

2. Location for filming: I have a living room but its no place to conduct these interviews and isn't really appropriate for a person willing to share their story going to a strange persons house. So I'm looking for ideas that wont COST me money in which would be a nice relaxed location that would allow me and an interviewee to sit and quietly be interviewed; somewhere in the Salford/Manchester location.

3. I'm looking for someone who want's to do this with me from a technical standpoint Camera's, lighting, editing, website designer general all round technologist for this kind of project? I have an appropriate lighting set up (just) and a fairly good webcam, but if there's anyone who's able to do 1 of those things or all three then I welcome your input and interest. I cannot pay anyone for this, as I say its not money making, but if your genuinely interested and being part of this then you're my kind of person and I would love you to join me on this journey.

4: If you have great medium of getting these stories out there and giving our interviewees a platform to share their journeys and stories other than YouTube, then please let me know.

Ultimately I know it sounds ambitious, it sounds underfunded and to some of you maybe a bit far from normal behaviour, I don't want to be a superstar - but want to make others be a superstar; by being just themselves even if its just a show about them for an hour or so. To tell you I have a son of my own who's facing challenges everyday and despite them not being "normal" he's still overcoming them as are we his parents, as are many others parents and carers over the UK and globe; this is Normal; this is the real inspiration; approaching how you turn grief to action, or negative to positive is key in that journey, to have your expectations reset due to changes you could never have forecast or about making life changes to support a loved one, or even yourself.
These are positive messages and its all about the people, people everywhere, "look what I can achieve, look what I can do" - not the other way around saying "what I cannot do"!

I've opened my self up here to either criticism or ridicule, and that's fine, but I want to see honest people, interested in sharing this love and this journey.

If you can help either by wanting to be interviewed or by assisting with your technical services and support then please feel free to contact me.

I'm open to all genuine contact , feedback and offers of support.

Much love


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