How is commuting from East Lothian to Edinburgh?

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mumwithquestions1 Sun 07-Jun-15 21:44:36

Thinking of moving to East Lothian - Dunbar, North Berwick, Haddington or Mussleburgh but worried about the length of commute each day. We want to be in a good school catchment area also. Can anyone advise on this? Thank you.

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2forJoy Sun 21-Jun-15 15:02:44

I commute from Musselburgh to the centre of Edinburgh during the week and it takes me less time than when we lived in Edinburgh! The buses are frequent and take around half an hour, the trains less frequent but quicker (less than ten mins). The best primaries, according to locals, are Stoneyhill and Campie, catchments are more or less next to one another but you'd need to check with the council which streets are on the boundaries. There's only one secondary at the moment which has had some mixed reviews but now has a new head so hopefully will improve. For us, the commute to Haddington, Dunbar or North Berwick wasn't worth the trade off in terms of increased commute and difficulty getting home in time to collect from childcare: we love being near the beach and the East Lothian countryside and yet only thirty mins from town, it works perfectly for us. Hope this helps!

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