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Possible move to Northumberland - schools question

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Eularia Mon 01-Jun-15 11:11:30

We are possibly thinking of moving to northumberland from spain (ds currently in y2 and dd reception). my dh is from the area and knows it well from a long time ago, but nothing about schools. Any advice on primary schools in the alnwick or berwick areas (need to be not too far from the mainline stations). Also possibly looking at independents, but it seems there are only two - Mowden and Longridge Towers. Are there any others? Does anyone have any knowledge of these schools? thanks so much

AmIRuralorUrban Wed 06-Jun-18 13:01:18

Hi, Eularia, what did you decide to do about schools in the end? Have had experience of Mowden Hall School which I could only really recommend for a self-motivated bright girl!

YorkshireStrong Wed 05-Sep-18 13:38:45

Hi Eularia, I looked at other schools in the area before Mowden, and I would not hesitate in recommending this school to any parent.
The focus, encouragement, inspiration and support from the teachers and management from the top down has been exceptional overall.
I felt immediately welcomed and, as the Head spoke with such passion about the students and their achievements, both academic and non-academic, it was impossible not to be moved by his fervor and belief in every one of the children. The interaction between staff and students is calm and respectful, exemplifying the advantages of the ‘small schools model’, where everyone gets to know each other, and is included. That, for me, was the school’s ‘unique selling point’, not least because my child was the only one to transfer to Mowden from primary school and was very shy. I needn’t have worried. An induction week, and a residential trip in the first term, helped to settle in and build one or two long-lasting friendships, so that, today, my child is a different person: more confident and outgoing, which is great to see. It’s a great school and I’m glad we chose it. Hope your move from Spain went smoothly and you managed to find a school that suits your children.

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