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Possible move to Northumberland - schools question

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Eularia Mon 01-Jun-15 11:11:30

We are possibly thinking of moving to northumberland from spain (ds currently in y2 and dd reception). my dh is from the area and knows it well from a long time ago, but nothing about schools. Any advice on primary schools in the alnwick or berwick areas (need to be not too far from the mainline stations). Also possibly looking at independents, but it seems there are only two - Mowden and Longridge Towers. Are there any others? Does anyone have any knowledge of these schools? thanks so much

AmIRuralorUrban Wed 06-Jun-18 13:01:18

Hi, Eularia, what did you decide to do about schools in the end? Have had experience of Mowden Hall School which I could only really recommend for a self-motivated bright girl!

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