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Next MSLC Meeting

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sallycleary Sun 31-May-15 23:46:26

May's meeting covered how tongue tie can affect both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The Stepping Hill specialist midwife gave a fascinating presentation on breastfeeding support including tongue tie diagnosis and treatment procedures. Service users reported their own experience of having support with tongue tie. One issue was that parents were coming into the tongue tie clinics thinking it was a 'drop in session'...; Stepping Hill staff took on the action of setting expectations of the clinic more clearly. The somewhat ironic situation of not having enough decaf drinks on the maternity ward has now been sorted out with a better range now on offer.

Maria will be stepping down as chair as of January 2016. Anyone interested in the role is invited to get in touch.

Our next meeting is Thursday 2 July at 7.15pm. Our 'Hot Topic' will be 'birth choices after a caesarean'

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