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Moving to Dorchester, Dorset (or Preston maybe?) Advice please

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Feetee06 Sun 31-May-15 18:15:46

After extended contract working in Dorchester, my DH has been offered a permanent job smile so we are finally moving from Herts to Dorset, where I have been holding the fort in the week and we can be a full time family again. Our DD’s are 4 & 7 - starting reception and Y3 in September.

I have the usual concerns and worries about moving: our DD1 is in an excellent (outstanding) school – and DD2 has been offered a place there, I have a great circle of friends, jobs in my line of work (NHS patient engagement) are few and far between esp in Dorset, although I’m happy do lots of different things, most jobs seem to earn half the salary I’m currently earning and I don’t want to commute too far, I’ve done a round commute of 3hr/day for past 9 years and part of the reason for moving is to get away from that, so our housing budget is not that big. We are not planning to sell our property just yet, but rent for a while – and have a budget of £800 - £1k / month for a 2 -3 bed bungalow/house with a garden.

We are now in a race to get DD school places (and a home) for September. DH has been lodging in Preston, on the outskirts of Weymouth in the week and likes the area but also likes Dorchester. The school in Preston doesn’t have a very good Ofsted report but I would be interested in views. I think I’d prefer to live in Dorchester but would like advice on which schools and areas are best. Ideas for other areas to consider also welcome – don’t want to be more than 20 mins drive from Dorchester.

Thanks so much x

poundburyprincess Sat 27-Jun-15 18:11:09

I would say it's a no brainer. Definitely Dorchester. Great schools and for families. If you want to message me please do. Hope the move goes well. :-)

Lj8893 Sat 27-Jun-15 18:19:33

Generally Weymouth is abit rough around the edges, Dorchester is certainly more middle class. I don't know about schools so can't help there but Poundbury is lovely.

trikken Sat 27-Jun-15 18:20:11

I love Dorchester. Its great. And only 15 mins to weymouth so there is a nice beach fairly near. Lots of lovely schools in Dorch.

Damer's first school is brilliant, its changing to a new building in sept 2016 but im sure it will be just as good. My ds has asd and its done him a world of good changing to this school from a little village school.

Your house budget sounds fine if renting, ours is a little below your lowest amount for a nice three bedroom house with big garden and off road parking.

CoffeeCake7 Sat 27-Jun-15 22:26:37

I'll join in with the praises for Dorchester schools! The first schools and the middle schools are great, and the senior school is ranked among the best in the country, I believe. I'm really happy with the education mine are getting here.

Absolutelylost Mon 06-Jul-15 06:06:15

My older DC's are at Thomas Hardye's - it's an amazing school! We're about 7 miles outside Dorchester and we love the town.

Absolutelylost Mon 06-Jul-15 06:08:18

You're right about the job market though, salaries aren't great. But we offset that against the quality of life. It's brilliant to be able to take the kids to the beach after school.

mummyhawkins Wed 08-Jul-15 12:50:40

The Prince of Wales on maiden castle road in Dorchester is amazing! such a wonderful school that both my girls love smile my eldest leaves to move to middle school in September and i can honestly say she has come on leaps and bounds has had no troubles and my main concern of bullies (which i had to deal with alot when i was at school) there has been pretty much no issues, any little problem has always been dealt with straight away smile Dorchester over all is great with nice big library shops and parks to play in smile

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