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Relocating to MidLothian

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Alba123 Thu 28-May-15 12:38:41

Hi there,

Not sure if anyone can help me, but my husband and I are thinking about relocating to midlothian with our little boy and I would love to hear from some local mums as to what they think of the area, in particular about the primary schools and local community. So far we have looked at Lasswade and Eskbank as they still seem very close to Edinburgh but open to all suggestions.


MrsRobert Thu 18-May-17 08:13:01

I've lived in Loanhead for four years and find it's quiet and friendly but very close to everything I need. It's quite quick to get anywhere because you have access to the road to Edinburgh/the Borders and the bypass. The road network in Midlothian is a bit all over the place but Lasswade and Eskbank are also well connected. There's a new primary school, nursery, library, GP, and a refurbished leisure centre currently being built in Loanhead so my 6 month old will go there. I have only heard good things about the schools.

AnTeallach Sat 15-Jul-17 13:13:48

I've brought up my family in Eskbank and the kids went to Kings Park primary, which used to have an excellent reputation. Have recently heard there's been a huge changeover in staff, which maybe reflects on the current head teacher? We have the train now, in addition to a speedy Borders bus service (reduced to an hourly service in the past year) and Lothian buses, so feel well-connected - but the massive amount of house-building all around this area means travel time into Edinburgh is increasing. The other thing to watch out for is where you can sign on for GPs, as local surgeries are under so much pressure from the fast-increasing population that your nearest one may not be able to take you. I've heard it's the same in Edinburgh these days as well, though. What I love about living here is the space and the easy access to both Edinburgh and the countryside. Good luck, whatever you choose!

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