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Area to live /school???

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monkey07 Sun 17-May-15 09:30:03


We are considering moving to Swansea in the next year. I know it a bit and the areas we r thinking about are bishopston, killay, or sketty. I have a (will be) 9yr boy and 6 yr old girl. We all love the beach!
I am after local views on best place to locate so they can go to decent schools. I know bishopston, olchfa and bishop gore are all good but wanted to hear different views about what these locations and schools might offer. Particularly, how 'out of town'does bishopston feel? & where's best place to get good primary AND secondary.
Thanks for any help u can give us.

teressarose Fri 24-Jul-15 10:08:01

all those are good areas. I guess it depends what you're looking for in an area. I have two 9yr olds and a 10yr old. We were going to move to west cross so my kiddies could attend Bishopston primary and comp but changed our minds because the rent would be really high.
Bishopston can be out of the way. Killay is lovely & Sketty is more central. It's only a short drive to town and the beaches with plenty of buses if you don't drive

massistar Thu 24-Sep-15 14:32:16

Funnily enough.. I was at the Bishopston open evening for Y6s last night!
Have you thought about Mumbles/langland/Newton at all? All even closer to the beautiful beaches. I moved to Mumbles 8 years ago from Scotland and absolutely love it.

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