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First school places - when to apply

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shell1983 Fri 15-May-15 11:54:38

Hello, I need some advice on when I should be applying for my sons First school place. He turned 3 in March this year. Also how do I find out which schools are in my catchment area ? I looked on direct.Gov website but that only showed me the nearest one ! We live in HD8, I am not sure if the process is different for different areas.
I have had people telling me they've had their children on the list since birth and others saying no need to do it yet, I am totally confused!

Any help would be appreciated thanks

Bucketofstars Thu 11-Jun-15 16:57:30

I'm guessing you're in Kirklees in which case this link should help. You should apply when applications open sometime in September. Kirklees will only give you details for your local school but this site has a list of schools in the HD8 area which looks to be quite large.

Is your son in nursery or preschool at the moment? If he is they should be able to give you more detailed local advice but I hope the above both help.

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