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Sunderland High School or Argyle House Private School

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Missdaisy84 Thu 14-May-15 13:31:27

Hi I am currently looking into the option of independent schools for our daughter. It is a few years away yet, as she has just turned one, but we are starting to look into our options for starting her in nursery at about 3 as we want to make an informed decision.

The 2 that we are looking at at the moment are Argyle House and Sunderland High. Both of which offer a few things that are important to us, which are mixed sex school and go from nursery to GCSE age, with Sunderland High going to A level. We are currently living in south shields.

Does anyone have any experience of these schools. Ive been searching for reviews or something that provides a real parent insight, but coming up with not much really. So any help is appreciated.

Many Thanks

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