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New to Portsmouth

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Toon12 Tue 14-Apr-15 11:39:08

Hello im new to Portsmouth, we moved to eastney just over a week ago to be closer to my husband. we moved from Nottinghamshire so I am totally new to the area.
Are there any mummies like me and are new?
Does anyone fancy meeting up. I have two boys age 2 and 3 and should hopefully be starting nursery soon smile
Whats on around eastney and south sea, im limited a bit as I don't drive sad

emmie5 Mon 18-May-15 20:32:46

Hi i,m from portsmouth near town centre , i have five children , 3 boys 3yrs, 10 yrs and 12 yrs and 2 girls 7 yrs and 8 yrs ,

you can get to lots of places by bus and by walking smile

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