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Funded Nursery Place

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Snowy26 Mon 13-Apr-15 22:06:59

Hi, I live in West Lothian and am unable to access the 600 hours free childcare promised to every 3 and 4 year old since my son's nursery only has 15 funded places for 86 children. I've teamed up with some other mums in West Lothian and we're lobbying the Council and Government to ensure this promise is delivered to every child.
Has anyone else had problems accessing the 600 hours childcare? I know there's a big problem in West Lothian but would like to hear if there's any issue in your area too?

cla2012 Wed 15-Apr-15 22:25:02

I'm in Glasgow and my ds was 3 in March but we won't get the free hours until August. I understand that the nursery are only allocated x funded places even though they have xxx actual places. Not sure how the government can go on aboit "every" child...! Clearly not!

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