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Moving to Cheltenham after the schools application window has closed

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duluoz1 Mon 13-Apr-15 11:50:33

Hi all,

My husband has been offered a decent job in Cheltenham, we're currently living in London. My son is at nursery at the moment, starting school in September this year. We have applied for places in London, and are likely to get a place at the same school he currently attends for nursery.

If we were to move, it would probably be in July. We would be making a late application to primary schools. Is there any hope at all of getting a place at a decent school? Like many others on here, we'd be looking at Leckhampton/Charlton Kings, or open to other suggestions.

I just don't know what to do. Our lives down there would be a higher quality, but I don't know how much of a risk we are taking in terms of schools. I hear all the time that Cheltenham schools are over-subscribed, and we are pretty much guaranteed a place at the local (outstanding) school in London.

I suppose I'm just asking others if they've had similar experiences, or could offer some idea of how much of a risk we would be taking.

Thanks in advance.

hazelnutlatte Mon 13-Apr-15 12:06:23

The primary schools in Leckhampton / Charlton Kings will all be oversubscribed (they are very popular with tiny catchment areas, this is why house prices are so much more expensive in these areas) so I think it's very unlikely you would get a place in any of the primary schools there. You could try calling the schools to check direct though.
You could try Lakeside or Greatfield Park primary schools in Hatherley though, both good schools in nice areas but I think there might be bit less pressure on places there. Or if you are living in Charlton Kings you could maybe try one of the village schools out that way - Andoversford maybe?
We have just moved out of Cheltenham due to not being able to afford to live close enough to any of the decent primary schools as many / most are oversubscribed so I know it's pretty difficult. Do you have to live in Cheltenham itself? The surrounding areas tend to have less pressure on primary places but then secondary schools can become a problem if you are thinking that far ahead!

duluoz1 Mon 13-Apr-15 15:11:15

Thanks for your reply. That's kind of what I was expecting. I'm not sure how people with kids ever move house to be honest!

Definitely wouldn't need to be in Cheltenham proper, his job would actually be closer to Bristol, but I'm not sure where else we might look! I'm not sure we're ready for village life

Barbeasty Sat 18-Apr-15 22:12:56

There are lots of market towns between Cheltenham and Bristol- somewhere like Stroud doesn't usually have much pressure. And South Gloucestershire is essentially a suburb of Bristol and there are some good schools there- again I'm not sure how oversubscribed they are.

There are lots of villages close to the towns, so even if you sat on a waiting list for a town school and travelled to a village in the meantime there are choices.

Maybe follow the M5/A38 from Cheltenham to Bristol and see what you find, and the Bristol board might have advice for nearer there.

StMarksMostly Mon 20-Apr-15 10:36:10

Oh, I just answered your question on the other board.

If your husband has to get to Bristol I would strike Charlton Kings off anyway. He could spend bloody ages getting across/round town.

Hatherley would be your best bet. There are four good schools all clustered, you are the right side for the M5 and you'd stand a good chance of getting somewhere.

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