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Views on buying in Woodseats?

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Purplepelican Sun 12-Apr-15 10:29:52

We've recently moved to Sheffield and are looking to buy a 3 bed house for around £180-£220k. We've seen a nice one near Abbey Lane in Woodseats but have heard some very mixed reviews about the area - good schools, nice shops and cafes, awful traffic, terrible pubs that create a lot of antisocial behaviour and a bit of a problem with gangs harassing people on the main street. I've got no idea how accurate this is as we really don't know the area, but could anyone give me their views on living in the area, or suggest somewhere else nearby that we'd be better of looking?

It looks like there are some lovely houses around there, but I've heard a few reports of the poor traffic and antisocial behaviour causing the area to go slightly downhill, so would appreciate hearing more views before we make a decision. Thanks!

CountessMeersbrookula Sun 12-Apr-15 10:38:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jenni2legs Sun 12-Apr-15 10:49:44

I also live in Meersbrook and think it's so much nicer than woodseats.

Driving through Woodseats to get to the big Morrison's often takes longer than going to Sheffield center - where there is an Aldi and Waitrose. Saying that there a Lidl and Co-op in Meersbrook.

Both of my kids are at Carfield school and it's lovely.

Lovely big park too.

CountessMeersbrookula Sun 12-Apr-15 11:05:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jenni2legs Sun 12-Apr-15 13:41:09

I am on OIM too Countess, probably walking past each other everyday smile

CountessMeersbrookula Sun 12-Apr-15 14:06:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Purplepelican Sun 12-Apr-15 15:14:57

Thanks for the advice, we'll definitely keep an eye out for a house in Meersbrook smile

CountessMeersbrookula Sun 12-Apr-15 21:22:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessMeersbrookula Sun 12-Apr-15 21:42:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessMeersbrookula Sun 12-Apr-15 21:44:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lobalot Sun 12-Apr-15 21:51:17

Just to say, I used to live in Woodseats.. the main Chesterfield road is very busy, but unlikely you would live on that (mainly shops)..

There are some lovely houses.. say Bromwich road, Mitchell road... and the best fish and chip shop in Sheffield ( imo) is on the corner of Abbey Lane and Chesterfield road.

My DC go to Abbey Lane school... and are very happy there.

I havent come across any gangs harassing people in woodseats...have always felt very safe.

SouthernBird Thu 30-Apr-15 10:55:24

I agree on the chippy, Phoenix is our favourite, worth coming down the hill for every time.

Woodseats is alright, the traffic down the high street can be pretty bad but if you're looking round the Abbey Lane end then you can head down Abbeydale Road as well. Never heard of gangs on the streets though.

Abbey Lane school is good too, really don't know about Woodseats Primary. And youy've got Graves Park on your doorstep! (though we like Meersbrook Park too).

knittybombingglory Sun 21-May-17 12:09:18

Hello, will be buying a house this summer.

Whats Meersbrook like north of the park, before Chesterfield Road?

Not sure we can afford a house south of the park, sadly.

struggling100 Tue 27-Jun-17 11:50:58

Woodseats is brilliant - I live there and love it! I do like Meersbrook and Heeley too. To be honest, I wouldn't say there's all that much difference between them in terms of feel - they blend together. The main distinction is how far you are from town. But on the whole, in general, you get less outdoor space/more density as you go in, and more garden space as you get further out.

Xmasbaby11 Tue 27-Jun-17 23:38:40

I live in meersbrook and really like it! My dc go to Carfield. There's a lot you can walk to locally. I think it's a very mixed and diverse community which is what I was looking for. Not loads of shops but enough for basics. B and M is amazing for kids birthday presents!

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