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free e-book for 5-7 years

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SabinaAugusta Sat 11-Apr-15 19:24:43

While I was in hospital for a short time after Christmas, I entertained myself by writing a story-book for the daughter of a neighbour who was coming in each day to feed the cat (usually dressed as a princess!). We think the book deserves a wider audience and is suitable for anyone (aged 5 to 7) who likes magic and dragons (the age limit is not exclusive!).

We have uploaded it in two e-book formats and you can download it free from: (for a PowerPoint version with optional sound)
or, if you cannot view PowerPoint, it can be downloaded as a pdf file (readable on most e-book readers) from

SabinaAugusta Mon 13-Apr-15 11:07:42

If you have read this e-book why not review it on so that it gets a national rather than just a local visibility or simply recommend it to your friends, playgroup, school, etc.

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