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Roath Park Primary school

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citizenp Sat 11-Apr-15 14:10:15


I was wondering whether anyone has children attending this primary school? We are currently in its catchment area, and I was curious to know how other parents find/rate it. In particular, I was wondering whether they provide wrap around care/breakfast clubs etc. I had a look at the website but could only find after school clubs. I will arrange a visit to the school in the coming months, but thought to find out a bit more beforehand!


Omelette81 Wed 13-May-15 14:21:20

My son is due to start reception in September so I can't rate it for you yet, but they do have a breakfast club run by the school. I have put my son on the waiting list, but apparently he is unlikely to get a place for September. So I would have had to put his name down before even getting confirmation that he got that school.
They have an after school club on site too that is run by an external agency.
A lot of the schools round here are oversubscribed, so you're unlikely to get into a school outside if your catchment area.
It seems nice though!

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