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Applying for high schools in St. Albans

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lexlees Thu 09-Apr-15 11:51:02

I moved about 6 months ago to St. Albans from overseas. My ds is in year 5 and I know next year we need to start the process for high school. My ds is very maths oriented.

I was surprised to see my 'nearest' school is Marlborough Science Academy and I really don't want my son to go there (Physically Townsend is my nearest school). He is very academically oriented and the results looked exceptionally poor. Can I refuse to put it on my list or refuse it as an option?

I have heard lots of good things about Beaumont and Sandringham. Are they hard to get into if they are not your nearest school? Am I expected to up sticks and move near one of these schools?

Is Townsend or Verulam any easier to get into? Are they any good?

I know its too early to worry about it, but I am concerned I picked the wrong place to live! As a side note, we are doing the entrance exam for Parmiters and Queens, but I can't rely on getting in.

Any advice is appreciated.


Chrysanthemum12 Thu 09-Apr-15 20:24:59

I'm a bit confused as to why Marlborough shows as your nearest school, if Townsend is physically the nearest to you! Townsend is a C of E school and has its own admission arrangements. I believe it is not as popular as it used to be and it is probably easier to get into than it used to be. When your DS starts Year 6, you will be given an information book listing all the schools and how to apply. They also all have open evenings September/October time. Sandringham and Beaumont are both very popular schools. It is all down to geography whether you stand a chance of getting in.

allagory Sun 19-Apr-15 00:02:29

Nearest means nearest mixed, non faith school. Townsend is a faith school. Chances of getting into beaumont is not good if it is not your be nearest. They are building 70 houses on the playing fields so it is likely to get harder to get in rather than easier.

Sandringham have abandoned the "nearest" criteria. Read the admission criteria carefully and look for the stats for distance this year on herts website and you will get the answer. I suspect you may be too far away.

Verulam seems to be getting more popular every year. I see the boys walking home from school - behaviour has vastly improved over the last 8 years. When you compare the boy's results from Beaumont and Verulam, there is not that much in it. (Beaumont looks so good because the girls do well). If your child is science orientated Verulam is good as it allows anyone who makes the grade to do triple science. At Beaumont and Parmiters only the top 60 or so children are allowed to do it. (I am told triple science is seen as preferable to double if you want to follow a science path)

Hope this helps. Sorry don't know anything about Townsend.

Wigeon Sun 19-Apr-15 00:10:04

Havypupu found the page on the Herts website which gives all the stats for previous years' admissions? Eg specific numbers admitted under each category, furthest distance admitted etc? That willgive you a much better idea of which schools you stand a chance at.

Is your DS going to sit the musical test as well as the academic test? If you are considering Parmiters & Queens have you also thought of Watford Boys'?

Wigeon Sun 19-Apr-15 00:11:59

Post was meant to start "Have you"...

allagory Sun 19-Apr-15 21:06:13

St. Albans is no longer in catchment for Watford Boys. There is QE Boys, Barnet which has no catchment. Test is multiple choice maths and English. Very tricky. btw - deadline for registering for Parmiters etc will be in year 5, tests are beginning of year 6

Snorbens Mon 13-Jul-15 20:30:49

Sandringham, Verulam, Beaumont all good. Marlborough, Samuel Ryder, Townsend improving. Avoid Nicholas Breakspear - poor Ofsted, falling role and money issues....

newgirl Wed 22-Jul-15 18:19:00

You should try for Parmiters from that side of town - I would say no chance at all for Beau and San. Verulam have some very academic boys and you should get in from there.

newgirl Wed 22-Jul-15 18:22:36

Ps U prob can get a place at Townsend - they give priority to churchgoers but places are usually avail for locals. Also look at the A level results for Marl (not just gcse) - they are good and some v bright kids go there

lakmalisri Tue 10-Nov-15 11:46:39

Tnx for your information. I have two boys and we live close to Beamount..Could you please tell me about the possibility of get in to a grammer school or partially selected school. I mean what are the secondary schools we can apply.tnx

allagory Mon 16-Nov-15 22:16:05

The grammar options for options are Parmiters and QE Boys. If you are in AL4 rather than AL1 your chances of getting into Parmiters are slim: 49 places available to AL1, 3 to all out of catchment postcodes like AL4. You'd need virtually full marks for that. There are similar tiny no of out of catchment places at some other grammars (eg Chelmsford) but no sensible way to get there.

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