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Thinking of moving to Radyr

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tubbyridesagain Fri 03-Apr-15 16:30:29

Are there any Radyr residents on here that can advise on good day nurseries in the Radyr or nearby? We love the area, we like the look of the primary school, but we will need to put DD in nursery full day Monday and Friday to start with, but the local nursery seems to only offer mornings? Which nurseries would you recommend nearby? smile

mrskitty Tue 14-Apr-15 03:49:52

Your nearest, I think, would be The Laurels just up the road past Morganstown. I've not used them myself as it wasn't there when my two were babies but I believe they have a good reputation.

Alternatively, I can highly recommend Little Cherubs in Whitchurch, approximately 3-4 miles away. There is also an Acorns and SiLiwli (Welsh speaking) nurseries in Whitchurch.

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