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People of Peebles help needed re everything!

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justthe5ofus Mon 27-Apr-15 17:13:12


I'm also moving to Peebles next month with my partner and 3 boys.
Jam, did you manage to find anything about which school was better? Or looks more promising? I can't find anything anywhere and don't know anyone around the area at all! We would be living closer to Priorsford, but Kingland looks good too. My partner is an injured veteran, so we've been asked to pick a school and the Army will get them in for us. With this opportunity I really want to choose the right one.

As for swimming lessons, where are private lessons booked? And are the waiting lists just as bad? The boys attend the commonwealth in Edinburgh just now so may have to keep them there.

Now for the really dumb questions, I'm a city person so please forgive me. In an emergency where are kids/adults treated?

What about general hospital appointments with different consultants, for example;

My eldest son has asthma and attends an asthma and allergy clinic every 3/4 months, would this be done locally or still at the sick kids in Edinburgh? Can I request for this to still be done at the sick kids?

My youngest son sees a gastroenterologist and a dietician. Again would he be seen locally or Edinburgh.

Also, I see an endocrinologist for hyperthyroidism. Would I be seen in Edinburgh?

Last health related question (I swear) my partner has a rare form of brain cancer, he will still be treated in Edinburgh but what happens if he needed urgent medical treatment (in his case a local nurse really wouldn't cut it)?

Also are there any local colleges? My partner wants to try something new while he recuperate. I'll be making the dreaded commute to the west of Edinburgh every day. Which brings me to my last question. Are there any good child minders? I have a 2 year old but I'm not keen on private nurserie. Also, do both schools have breakfast and after school clubs?

Any insight would be fantastic.

Thank you.

EdSheeransGString Fri 10-Apr-15 10:47:20

Hi Jam sorry just seen your reply.

With regards to phone signal the best by far is EE and 3. Vodafone does not work in Peebles and 02 can be a nightmare too. I have been with them all and would recommend EE, it's the only one where 3g works too.

There is only one doctors surgery in the town, Haylodge health Centre and they are great. All the doctors are good and it's fairly easy to get an on the day appointment if it's an emergency. It can be difficult to get through on the phone sometimes though especially first thing if you are trying for an appointment that day.

The dentist I use is Rosalind Kerr and they are great too. Good with kids, friendly but to be honest there isn't a 'bad one' in the town.

The gytes leisure centre has a lot of classes and a good gym. It's council run so not too pricey but the instructors are brilliant and the choice of things to do is huge. Cardrona hotel also have classes and a brilliant gym with good personal trainers.I use it regularly and I'm very happy.

Swimming lessons - there is a very long wait for the ones at the local pool, NY dd has been on the list 18 months now and we are nowhere near the top so definitely go private which is what I have had to do.

I will pm about hairdressers.

I can also recommend At first sight beauty salon for waxing and beauty treatments she is fantastic, so is liz howeison. Both businesses are on Facebook.

The local butcher, Forsyths, is the best by miles and people regularly travel to Peebles just for the butcher. It's won several awards over the years.

The foshmonger on the high street, Ross Dougal, is really good too and there is a fish van that goes round the streets on a Tuesday and Thursday which is brilliant too.

Renting can be a nightmare in Peebles. There is a huge demand but unfortunately not many houses. I will recommend searching on usual sites for rental properties but you can't go wrong in Peebles, every area is lovely and cardrona is nice too.

It's not too expensive either, I rent privately and I have a lot of house for my money.

Anything else, just ask smile

JamInMyWellies Thu 09-Apr-15 20:43:08

Thankyou Ed.

Have had sporadic internet while away.

So my first question what is the best phone provider? We are with O2 and had no service pretty much as soon as we left the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Good Drs and dentist recommendations.

Toddler groups?

Good gym with classes.

Swimming lessons at the local leisure centre or have seen lessons at MacDonald hotel in Cardrona.

Great hairdresser, waxer, eyebrow threader.

Best butchers, fishmongers, bakers?

Also bit of a longshot. Going to have to rent fir the duration if our build. Any leads in that direction would be awesome.

Thanks a

EdSheeransGString Thu 02-Apr-15 22:50:06

Hi I live in Peebles and have a dd at Kingsland. It's a fantastic school, great teachers and the building is new so it's lovely. There is a huge emphasis on keeping parents involved with the school and good out of school clubs and extra curricular activities, especially sport

Priorsford is also a good school which I attended but Kingsland is definitely more popular

The local area is great and friendly, Peebles itself is lovely and cardrona is beautiful.

It's there are loads of walks and cycle trails around the town and lovely shops/restaurants etc too

Anything in particular you want to know?
The local area is great

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Apr-15 13:04:08


JamInMyWellies Mon 30-Mar-15 20:12:33

Hi, we are relocating from Essex to Cardrona.

I have 3 DS so need info on everything from schools to where is good to get waxed. See I have my priorities. Schooling and hair removal. grin

We are up at the moment and we are off to see schools tomorrow. I need your thoughts on Kingsland and Priorsford (our catchment).


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