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Age Appropriate

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annaconda9 Fri 13-Mar-15 11:20:34

I have a 4 year old stepson who is very violent and my partner seems not to recognize that letting him watch Willow the movie and things like spider man are having no impact on his behavior.I am hoping someone will give me some advise

holeinmyheart Fri 13-Mar-15 14:29:18

Oh the poor little thing. a four year old can't rationalise his behaviour as he is not old enough to think, ' if I am nice and quiet my Daddy and Step Mother will like me better' He just responds to the situation and pain he is in with raw emotion. The fact that you describe him as violent is really revealing.
He needs patience and lots of tender loving care.
He should only watch age appropriate videos. It is irresponsible to allow him to watch films etc, meant for an older age group.
If his DF is allowing this situation it reflects a irresponsible attitude towards the upbringing of his son.
I feel really sad for the little boy. At least you recognise that it is not right.

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