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Orchard School

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mansuh77 Thu 12-Mar-15 16:25:19

HI there, we are thinking of buying in Sidcup near Sidcup Hill. The closest school would be Orchard Primary school. Does anyone have any feedback about the school, or this particular area in Sidcup?

VanillaHoney Thu 02-Apr-15 23:26:17

We used to live almost around the corner from Orchard primary but were lucky enough to get on to Birkbeck which was good at the time. Perhaps the new free school "Hope Primary" or maybe P. Channel. I would not want to send mine to Orchard. Maybe things have changed, who knows...

Cornerof Sun 26-Apr-15 21:23:13

Sorry, only just ventured to local board.

Things have definitely changed. Birkbeck is on the way down and Orchard is rising rapidly. This is apparently due to (local gossip, not my particular opinion) many affordable blocks of flats going up in the vicinity of Birkbeck and all of these blocks new residents have come from Kidbrooke.

That said, all Sidcup schools are very good schools.

Cornerof Sun 26-Apr-15 21:25:30

Please bear in mind ALL schools are full. If your children are already school age, there are no places, the only children I know moving or entering schools are this year's 2. Seems to have been a lower birthrate (or the bulge class at Bexley C of E).

mansuh77 Wed 29-Apr-15 08:53:27

Hi everyone

thanks everyone for responding to my message. We are moving to Sidcup in June. My daughter is 22 months old. It's just so difficult to know whether a school is "right" or "wrong" and catchment areas for the schools that are considered "good" are shrinking every year.

Cornerof Wed 29-Apr-15 09:40:48

I will add that the catchments are changing. From Sept 2016 intake it changes to as Crow flies from its current measurement of via public highway. It will be very hard to know what houses will fall into catchment when it changes, especially for schools like Dulverton which sits on the railway line.

I expect Orchard won't change too much and I think you will have another year to see how the land lies, as you would be applying for 2017.

Good luck with the move. There are some lovely playgroups, though mine are at school now.

Cornerof Wed 29-Apr-15 09:46:38

Me again. Sorry
If you are moving to Sidcup Hill, you actually will have a good choice of schools, more so if you have a faith.
St Peter Chanel (Catholic)
Royal Park (probably)
Hope (Free School)
And most years also Holy Trinity (C of E)

It would be highly unlikely you would reach Birkbeck or Longlands. You might even reach the first school in Bromley borough.

VanillaHoney Thu 30-Jul-15 18:23:48

We got in to Burkbeck from Sidcup Hill but that is many moons ago. The catchment for Birkbeck is now very small.

lisaberanice Fri 23-Oct-15 17:56:07

my son left orchard school last sept to move on to secondary school he had been there since nursery, in my opinion it is a fantastic school and was at the top of the school tables this year. it is a lovely small school with a family feel. my son was not the easiest to manage in his early years but orchard never gave up, encouraging, helping and supporting him, he went on to secondary school and straight onto their gifted and talented list, i truly believe that if it wasnt for this school he most def would not be where he is today, i would highly recomend this school and if i were you i wouldnt hesitate to send my child there. hope this helps :-)

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