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favre4 Wed 11-Mar-15 21:10:41

Hi Mumsnet
We are relocating from the Herts/Essex border to Tunbridge Wells and our three girls have places at The Mead (years 4, 1 and kindergarten), house sale is going through so hope to be there at the start of next term (April 2015). Before I rush off and buy 3 lots of new uniform is there anyone who can give me some advice? Is there anything on the list they won't really need /use? Or anything not on the list that they could do with? Also any other info you think may help would be great. Thanks in advance

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Misiecle Thu 19-Mar-15 23:42:07

Hi, welcome to the Mead! I have children there in years 3 and 6.
I hope I'm not too late to give you some they'll be going back in summer uniform in the summer term, and we usually keep them in summer uniform until half term in the autumn, depending on the weather, your older girls will really only need the summer dress, cardi and the boater in terms of uniform. (Although it is stated they need navy blue shoes you can send them in black, and white socks of course you can get anywhere).
There is a second hand shop run as and when by the Friends (I can send you the details of people who could have a rummage) but the dresses can be well worn by the time they get there. What you will find there are the extras - the string bags, the aprons, sports kit, the swim costumes etc.
You will need the skort and the school socks for year 4 sport; all will need the blue polo shirts; I have tons of blue shorts you can have; ditto for sports tracksuit trousers; don't worry at all about the summer legionnaires caps as the sizes are all rubbish and I refuse to buy them now. You will need swim stuff - you'll be swimming with the youngest ones on Wednesdays, which I always really enjoyed - the sports teacher likes them to wear caps if they have long hair but we lasted years without getting one/remembering to put it in the bag.
I think there's also something about a KS1 sports bag but I never had one of those - if you collect enough string bags (they're coloured according to your house, so if you don't know what house you're in you don't need to get them yet) they'll do for everything.
You will need the school bag and I think a document bag for the two older girls (I have a spare document bag if you'd like it) - the school bags tend to go on the fastening so again, difficult to get second hand.
I've lost sight of what the youngest ones wear now (they changed the uniform about two years ago) but you'll probably have to get the tracksuits for Kindy? They are actually super practical so well worth it.
There are always spare aprons hanging around so don't worry too much about those.
I think that's about it, from memory. All the tracksuit tops and fleeces can wait until the autumn. Start saving now for the winter hats because they cost a fortune, but there should be a second hand sale in the summer that will help, where you should be able to pick up winter coats as well.
The main problem (i came with three children) was sewing all the name tapes on - the sports teacher particularly likes big name tapes on the tee shirts and tracksuit trousers. But they don't half look smart when you do it!

favre4 Fri 20-Mar-15 11:37:18

Thank you so much that is so helpful and kind of you. I've already checked with Elizabeth and they are in Chalybeate. I plan to take them to the uniform suppliers during the hols to get everything we need as it's not that far from us at the moment.

We won't land in Kent until the day before term starts as our house sale Is unlikely to complete in time. So I can find out about the second hand uniform supplies when we get there, I'll just buy the minimum in the meantime. Will they cope with one summer dress or will I be washing them every night? The summer dresses at our current school just don't last so I found I had to have two so I could be stitching one!

We've booked a farm cottage in Groombridge for the first couple of weeks to be sure we can be there from day one and I get a chance to find a rental closer to the school.

Any spare items you have would be absolutely fantastic.
Name tapes - argh! How big is big? And does he like them on the outside? Any guidance on where to attach them?

As we won't be walking distance to start with it is best to park in Broadwater Down in the mornings?
Thank you again

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Misiecle Sat 21-Mar-15 19:25:27

Hi - really glad you replied!

I try to have two summer dresses as the cotton isn't very forgiving and it does tend to be one on, one in the wash.

We're checking the old uniform now and I realise I have these things you are very welcome to have:

Summer dress (marked both 28 and 30, but too small for my daughter who is now in another 30" dress - the sizes are a nightmare. (She is a tall 8-year-old).)
Summer dress 30 (but again too small)

Two old-style green string bags (Chalybeate), one without a string but you could easily pop another one in. The new bags are dark green but to be honest we're all using the old ones until they die.

Navy sports shorts 24 x 3 and 26 x 1

Document bag (i.e. the junior bag) x 2 with one fastening broken on one and two fastenings broken on the other - perfectly serviceable to tide you over.

Sports tracksuit bottoms 24 x 1 (these are from the old uniform, almost indistinguishable from the new but the new ones are slightly more flash)

I do have more of these somewhere in the house if you need them.

Summer boater L size (a bit battered but again serviceable; my daughter now in XL!)

Winter junior blouses 26 x 2 (you'll need these in the autumn; my daughter now out of them)

If your children take up judo I have loads of judo kit - all three of mine did it so have judo suits in all sizes.

I could send these to you in a big parcel so you can see what works and what doesn't? Otherwise it's a bit of a white knuckle ride if you wait until the day before school! Worth going into DJ uniforms as the sizing never seems to match what's on the website (sigh).

The big name tapes are like this: (all the firms do this sort though, so you're not limited to this company). Sir (as they call him in juniors) likes one on the right hand side of the chest on fleeces and tee shirts (i.e. the left hand side as you're looking at it) and one on the right hand cuff of the sports shorts and sweat pants/trackie bottoms. (Sir is ace, by the way; in infants they call him Monsieur Leroy - he's Belgian).

In terms of parking, if you get there early enough you can park up the Frant Road on the left, before Rodmell Road; Warwick Park (if Frant Road is no good you turn left on Rodmell, go down and turn left again - usually parking along there). Otherwise, carry on up the Frant Road to Roedean Road on left, or turn right into Clarendon Gardens - usually something along there. No need to go as far as Broadwater Down.

If you need any help on areas to rent in/places to live then just ask - we have done the TW dance of the estate agents in spades.

Nattynat18 Fri 27-Mar-15 15:54:26

Good luck with your move - I hope it all goes smoothly for you. We have also just relocated to TW too (moved 2 weeks ago) and our daughter is starting in kindergarten next term at the Mead. It has been great reading the tips! Thank you!!

3boysendof Thu 22-Mar-18 11:27:34

know it's been over a year since this was posted but i'll try anyway.

We'll be moving from Essex in the summer to Tunbridge wells. I have three boys who will be starting at the Mead in Sept (years 3 and 2). Can anyone please advice me on what pieces of the uniform are essential/what i can do without. Thank you very much!

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