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Helensburgh - nice place to live?

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thetaylors Wed 11-Mar-15 08:17:20

Hi there

Just looking for advice from any mums out there who live or have lived in Helensburgh.. We may be moving up that way later this year (not navy) and I have heard mixed reports. The scenery, location, architecture all really appeal to me but I have heard reports that there is a lot of deprivation and anti-social behaviour. Someone mentioned in another post that it is a town of two halves.....can anyone elaborate on this?

I really want somewhere safe to bring up my 2 kids, with decent schools and access to the countryside.... But I also want to be able to walk to shops, toddler groups etc - on paper Helensburgh may fit the bill but any first-hand experience would be so helpful.

Thank you!

leab3 Sun 29-Mar-15 21:07:57

Helensburgh will fulfil your wishlist. It has one of the best high schools around and many decent primarys schools to choose from. It also has a fab private school. There is lots for your children to do and many clubs and societies to become involved with. It is an easy place to move to and make friends. The access to the countryside is fantastic as is the access to Glasgow. It gives the best of both worlds.

However, I must say Helensburgh can be a tale of two cities. There is a lot of wealth and deprivation. It just depends where you buy/rent. The waterfront looks dilapidated at present but is undergoing a massive regeneration project. It has the same problems as many places across the uk. Ive never noticed much in the way of anti social behaviour such as that you would find in a larger city/ town, but with young children im not out at night. There are some great places to eat and chat during the day.

If you wanted to avoid the actual town, there are loads of small villages around the town and loch Lomond. Look at Arden, Luss Tarbet and Arrochar as well as Clynder and those on the Kilcreggan peninsula. All of these areas travel are within easy access. You find yourself regularly commuting for high school, clubs and supermarkets....

Hope this may help. Helensburgh does have a degree of deprivation in some areas but ive always found it to be a safe place.

thetaylors Wed 15-Apr-15 11:35:09

Sorry for the delay, that is all brilliant information, thank you so much. So much to think about, I'm nervous about uprooting the kids and only want to do it once so am trying to get it right. What areas of town should I avoid?

Frida2408 Thu 28-Jan-16 15:52:54

Hi, I have just found your post whilst searching on Helensburgh and wondered if you made the move or not? We are also thinking of moving to Helensburgh and I have visited the primary schools and they all seemed lovely. I have heard some mixed reports about Hermitage Academy and there seems to be some problems there at the moment? Also does anyone have experience of commuting to Glasgow and using childminders/afterschool - I would be travelling to Glasgow for work x2 days a week. Any info on the town - particularly schools, safety for kids, good areas gratefully received. Many thanks

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