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Ibstock Place School ( Roehampton) reviews & areas to live

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Shreyasarin Tue 03-Mar-15 13:38:07

Hi, We will be moving to London soon and plan on sending our kids to Ibstock place. Any moms sending their kids to Ibstock place school? Need reviews on the schools primary section. How do u find the academics of the school? and which are the best places to live around in the area. I do not drive but my hubby does. I plan on learning to drive once we move there. Looking for areas to live with good public transport to the school too as well as a train station near by. Where do most kids who go to the school live?Many thanks!!!

Ruchim Thu 05-Oct-17 06:17:32

Hi Shreyasarin - did you eventually settle on Ibstock place? And do you find the school very academic? Would love to know your feedback as I'm currently in your situation and wondering what school to consider and I plan to find a place close to the school thanks

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