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Waiting times at UHW, Heath Hospital

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BabyGrainger Tue 03-Mar-15 11:04:16

Hi there ladies,
After having a few scans now in the antenatal department, I have noticed that the waiting times tend to relate directly to appointment times with regards to the Antenatal Unit.
We had 2 appointments at 3 and waited nearly 2hrs exactly at both appointments, and the next we had at 1:40 and waited about an hour for everything to be done; Urinalysis & BP, then the Scan.
What I'm looking to find out is what the waiting times are like in the radiology department, we have our 20wk scan tomorrow (at half 2) and have someone who will be picking us up afterwards and any info on how long you (or people you've spoken to) waited would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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